Limestone Building Blocks Company are passionate about environment preservation and reduction in the rate of our rapidly diminishing natural resources which are the key drivers for sustainable manufacturing. Recycling of waste material are modern day environmental priorities and LBB have invested heavily in research and development in this area over the past 5 years. Recycled aggregates mostly generated from construction and demolition waste to produce new products, has received huge interest from the construction industry.

Limestone Building Blocks Company now produces a range of reconstituted crème limestone blocks and reconstituted ‘environmentally sustainable’ blocks manufactured using recycled inert construction materials.

As part of our ‘sustainable range of products’ we currently manufacture a reconstituted ‘Enviro Crème Block’ using a mix of recycled materials including natural limestone aggregates and also 'Enviro Grey Block’ which is made entirely from 100% recycled materials.

LBBWA ‘sustainable blocks’ have been developed through conducting extensive R&D testing at our manufacturing facilities resulting in the best possible use of WA’s resources which ensure raw materials go further and we make a smaller footprint on the environment.

All our products are supported by certified independent testing to meet required standards.